What a conference!

April 19, 2010

So this weekend’s RWA conference was FANTASTIC. I met tons of awesome people and learned more than I had hoped to! From start to finish, it was fabulous. Check back soon for links to the blogs of some of the authors who were most helpful to me while I was there. 🙂


Revision self-help

April 9, 2010

I just stumbled upon this site and I think it will be quite helpful in doing my own revisions. Here it is in case it can help you, too!


It’s interesting to learn first-hand how much effort actually goes into a book after it is already written! I am in the process of my first read-through, taking notes of content and structural things I may have to address but making no changes beyond small grammatical errors or omissions. It’s strange reading your own writing after being separated from the act by several months…it’s familiar yet fresh.

After the first read-through, it’s on to the editing – and then submission! Let’s hope I did something right during the writing process so that the editing won’t be as painful as I’ve read it can be…

New Blogs on Blogroll

April 2, 2010

Check out some of the new blogs I posted on my blogroll! They are all great sites and very helpful and interesting! Please also share with me your favorite writing blogs and resources, etc!

Have a great Easter weekend!

I recently signed on to a Yahoo! group chat for other writers, and I am already learning that I picked a great community! Everyone is so helpful, and incredibly willing to share what they have learned through trial and error, success and failure, fun and fretting.

Thanks to everyone who has already stepped up to the plate to help me figure things out; your suggestions and comments are much appreciated!