Perhaps the most useful experiences I have had while learning to blog have all involved other people.  Reading their blogs, getting their feedback on my blog, liking what I see on others’ sites, and hoping they like what they see on mine.  Recently, however, I have been able to pursue some opportunities as a guest blogger.

I came across some really great sites on things dear to my heart: nutrition, health, writing, and fun with friends.  In a potentially rash fit of socialization and outreach, I requested the chance to write about subjects we both share an interest in, and to my pleasure, multiple sites have accepted so far.

It’s hard to underestimate the impact that sharing and communicating with fellow bloggers has on the success of your own site.  It goes far beyond the “you scratch my back and I’ll scratch yours” to something far more meaningful.  The newbie gets to develop their skills and benefit from the knowledge of the more experienced blogger, and the veteran gets the added publicity and ratings bump from extra content of high quality and interest to their readers on their site.

The Blogger's Network

by jscreationzs

It’s almost like a form of mentoring.  The generous host blogger gets a valuable piece for their site, and the guest blogger gets the opportunity to learn how to tailor their message to an audience that is actually paying attention.  The guest also gets to see how a successful blog is put together and run – from the variety of content to the frequency of posts and the degree of inter-connectedness it has with other blogs.

All in all, I would say that having the chance to be a guest writer on others’ blogs has been invaluable – by far the most educational experience I have had in the realm of blogging up to date.  It’s also kind of addicting!  I didn’t think I would become one of those highly-networked, blog-obsessed writers who avidly followed tons of other people’s work.  Yet here I am, finding motivation in others’ success and information in others’ kind provision of opportunities.  And I’m not stopping anytime soon!

Check back soon for a list of my guest post links!